Sunday, 20 July 2014

Need for Speed The Aaron Paul Jacket

Need for Speed is the most famous video game which has  been played by almost all of us since our childhood, now the good news for the fans of  "Need for Speed', is that the famous video game has been transformed into a 3D action thriller movie, starring Aaron Paul as a main lead character, directed by Scott Waugh written by George Gatins .The lead character, Aaron Paul is played by Toby Marshall, the character from Breaking Bad series, who sets off to race cross-country to take revenge of his friend's murder at the hands of a world-famous car collector Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper).

Main features of the movie

Fab Cars
The movie has everything that a car fanatic expects to see in a Hollywood block buster, it's a treat for all the car lover fans out there with all the expensive cars, full of crazy wreck and chases, so if you are of them you would definitely have a great time watching this movie with lots of awesome cars to look at.

Full of Action
The movie is fully packed with action, anyone watching the movie can realize that these stunts are actually being performed and not fake ones, by knowing this fact all the action lovers will feel excited.

Well Played Characters
The movie can never be a hit without all the movie characters justifying to their roles, all the characters in the movie performed very well,especially the lead character of Aaron Paul played by Tobey Marshall.

The Stunning Jacket
One of the most important features of the movie 'Need for speed' includes its unique and rugged jacket worn by Aaron Paul. The style of the jacket is giving him a character and appearance of power and strength. The jacket has added charisma to his personality. The features of the jacket that made it a most popular choice of people around the world includes.

Made with Genuine Leather
The first thing that comes into a mind of a customer while purchasing any outfit is its quality, this jacket is made with genuine cowhide, hence ensuring a high quality to its buyers.

Fine stitching
The jacket is stitched with bearing high quality standard of stitching and craftsmanship putting one at high comfort in the supervision of professional staff to ensure proper fitting of the jacket as well as quality and durability.

Front closure and inside pockets
The jacket has a zipper front closure to give its wearer a unique style and comfort with chest pockets, two zip pockets to the waist and additional inside pockets to give one the benefit of carrying his belongings along with all the original YKK zippers.

Available in different colors and styles
This neck collar jacket is available in three different styles and colors which include black, brown and white to give each individual the color that matches their personality and style.

Now the big question arises,

Where is this unique jacket available?

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Where you can wear this jacket

The jacket can be worn both casually as well as a party outfit, you can also wear it on any gaming even, wherever you wear, it will add stars to your personality and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Affordability of the Jacket

Yes! That’s the best thing about this jacket, made by Ultimo jackets that, it offers to its customers a very reasonable price without compromising on the quality of the jacket.

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