Thursday, 5 June 2014


Fashion is a style, Whatever you doing should be trendy. The way you dressed up or the style you put in your attire. It should be eye catching and the most significant matter, it should be easy for you. A popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior. I think that fashion is not only outfits or accessories. fashion is in your life, your style and everything.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself to the world, is looking good with comfort. The clothes or anything you are comfortable in is fashioned as the more prosperous you are more it looks graceful on you. If you are wearing something really good, but you are not comfortable, then may be whatever you will not look good. It not only includes clothes it can include anything like shoes, accessories, make up and many more. Fashion is a fad or continuous process of changeable trends in all things which looks attractive or which appeals you. It keeps changing as per people's choice so that it can retain charm & surprise for all.

The term fashion usually applies to a prevailing mode of manifestation, but quite often applies to a personal style of expression that may or may not adhere to prevailing ideals. Integral in the term is the idea that the mode will change more rapidly than the civilization as a whole. The terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" are used to identify whether someone or something fits in with the current popular mode of construction. The term "fashion" is frequently applied in a negative sensation, as a synonym for fads, styles, and materialism. The terminus is too often employed in a positive sense, as a synonym for glamour and flair. In this sense, manners are a variety of communal art, through which a culture examines its notions of beauty and goodness.